How Do I Maintain My Carpet After a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Carpets are an expensive investment, therefore once you have got them cleaned by a professional, it is important to take measures to keep them hygienic and clean. Many people get complacent after a professional cleaning, so their carpets get dirty too soon than they should. It not only damages and ruins the carpet but also negatively affects its appearance in the long run. If you are thinking, How Do I Maintain My Carpet After a Professional Carpet Cleaning? One thing should always be kept in mind that no matter how frequently you clean your carpet, dirt, dust, and debris will pile up over a period of time. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned at regular intervals ensures that dirt and dust do not convert into airborne pollutants. 

In this blog, we will discuss various techniques and tips to keep your carpet flooring clean and maintain it after a professional carpet cleaning:-

  • Vacuum regularly: Keep your carpet clean after a professional cleaning by vacuuming it on a regular basis even if you think that it needs or not. Vacuuming removes dust and dirt particles that you can’t see. If ignored, the contaminants can reach deep inside the carpet fibre which may make it difficult to clean again. Thus, carpet cleaning should be one of your priorities and you must clean it once or twice a week. This in turn will make your environment healthier and cleaner.
  • Avoid walking on the wet carpet: Some moisture remains trapped in the carpet which requires time to fully dry. Immediately after professional cleaning, it is essential to wait for some time to get the carpet completely dry before you walk on it. So, never walk on the wet carpet as it can easily attract dirt, grime, and dust particles during that situation. This will ensure that you do not restore fresh dust and dirt which can be easily absorbed by the wet carpet.
  • Increase the heat to decrease the carpet drying time: Carpets have an intense structure and require a long time to completely dry. So, to reduce the drying time of your carpet, turn up the temperature of your room. 75 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature recommended. The warm and cozy room temperature will speed up the drying process of your carpet by quickly absorbing the moisture. 
  • Remember to take off your shoes: Even if you live in a dust-free home, your environment provides a lot of dust particles that you are not aware of. This dust sticks to your shoes whenever you walk outside. So, always keep in mind to remove your shoes while walking on a carpet in case it has been just cleaned professionally.

Barefoot is also not the best option as our skin secretes natural oil that can leave an oily residue on the surface of your carpets. So, it is advised to wear slippers or a pair of socks that you keep for indoor use. This will keep your carpet dust-free. Therefore, apply a no-shoe strategy for some time.

  • Keep an eye on your pets: If you have pets at home, it becomes challenging to keep your carpet spotless and clean all the time. So, in case of any pet stain, remove it quickly. Also, if your pet sheds its fur a lot then vacuum your carpet twice a week. The sharp nails of your pets can even tear your carpet. Therefore, trim your pets’ nails so as to avoid such accidents. 
  • Clean stains and spills immediately: One of the most important rules to maintain the appearance of your carpet is to clean the stains straight away if any. If something spills on your carpet, clean it right away before it sets or gets absorbed. Don’t wait to attend to the stains or spills. The longer the stain remains on the carpet surface, the more difficult it will become to remove it. Stains can be of wine, blood, urine, drinks, oil, food particles etc. For effective results, just dab the stained area with a dry cloth or use water if it is wet, don’t scrub it. 
  • Use a carpet protector: One best alternative to protect your carpet is to put on a carpet protector. It acts as a sheet of protection and does not allow dust and dirt to creep into the carpet easily thus, protecting it from damage. In addition, it saves the money that you would have otherwise spent on professional carpet cleaning.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure: When you open doors and windows on a bright sunny day, the direct rays of the sun can damage the surface of your carpet. Thus, the colour of your carpet can fade away if exposed to direct sunlight for a long period.
  • Rotate your furniture: You can reduce the amount of damage caused to your furniture by moving it on a regular basis. 


Don’t always rely only on professional cleaners to keep on enhancing the appearance of your carpet after cleaning. Do follow the above preventive tips to maintain your carpet after a professional carpet cleaning.